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ASR Custom Solutions is hiring a new developer and we want it to be you! We're looking for a developer ready to drop the 'junior' from their title; a developer who has worked on Web applications and wants to improve their skills; a developer who wants numerous opportunities for learning, advancement and professional development; a developer who wants to solve real problems faced by over 60,000 students.

You'll work in small groups, developing web applications that improve the student experience at the U and that improve your skills as a developer. And we set aside time each week to work with developers across the University through collaborative projects, meetups and hackathons.


Our sites are built with code, but their foundation is our team values


The Office of Human Resources has a guide to all of the University's benefits, including the Regent's Scholarship, Faculty Retirement Plan, Leave and Medical

For this job we have funding for a salary range of 70,000 to 75,000.

Why Does the Job Title say Temporary?

We currently have guaranteed funding for two years, but our intention is to make this job a permanent position. But for now we must list it as 'Temporary'.

How to Apply

The job is listed on the University's University's job application system. Before you start, you should have:

We place a lot of value on the cover letter. Tell us what excites you about this job, work you've done and where you want your career to go. This is more interesting to us than a list of technologies you've used.

You can take a break at any point during the application process. Click the Save Draft button and your application will be saved for later. When you log back into the job application system, click My Activities and then click on the job title Developer 2 (9790D2) - Temporary/2 years

Ready to apply? Great! Start at the job posting.

If you have any questions while applying, look at the Using the Job Application System page.


We use two interviews. In the first you'll meet with a small group of ASR employees to discuss the job, your previous experience, and your qualifications. The first interview can be done remotely. In the second interview you'll pair program with Custom Solutions developers using your programming language of choice. Each interview takes 60-90 minutes and will be scheduled on different days. Oh, and we won't ask you to code anything on a whiteboard.